Lifelong Learning


Please save the following dates. Details to follow…

There are monthly MEFs specific Tuesdays that will be offered at both 10am and 6pm via zoom. (Some morning sessions may become in-person later in the spring, depending on virus status).

  • January:

    Dr. Dan Jurman will start us off January 25th with church related aspects of Trauma Informed PA. Dan is the former director of Community Action Partnership in Lancaster County and serves as the Executive Director at Governor’s Office of Advocacy and Reform. He is a graduate of Lancaster Theological Seminary. (Qualifies as Boundary Training)

    Jan 25 10am MEF with Dr. Dan Jurman

    Jan 25 6pm MEF with Dr. Dan Jurman

  • February:

    Our own Conference Minister, Rev. Dr. Carrie Call will lead our February 15th session on God and the Problem of Evil in Today’s World. How has the theological world talked about and made sense of evil in the world? Join us for a lively theological discussion.

    Feb 15 10am MEF with Rev. Dr. Carrie Call

    Feb 15 6pm MEF with Rev. Dr. Carrie Call

  • March:

    On March 15th Nora will discuss Covenant Keeping in the World Today in a 6pm only session. (Qualifies as Boundary Training)

    Mar 15 6pm MEF with Rev. Nora Foust

  • April:

    Our Facilitator for Clergy Care will present his article Planning for Developing Effective Self-Care and talk about the importance of ongoing self-care in this particular season of ministry on April 26th. (Qualifies as Boundary Training)

    Apr 26 10am MEF with Rev. Rick Luciotti

    Apr 26 6pm MEF with Rev. Rick Luciotti

  • May:

    The Spring sessions will conclude on May 17th with Rev. Richard Jorgenson of the Lower Susquehanna Synod ELCA as he discusses his recent book Becoming a Hybrid Church.

    May 17 10am MEF with Rev. Richard Jorgenson

    May 17 6pm MEF with Rev. Richard Jorgenson

Boundary Training – All Zooms unless otherwise noted, 2 credit hours

**All clergy must accumulate 6 distinct hours every 3 years!**

Child Abuse History Clearances:

The state of Pennsylvania requires that volunteers and employees undergo background checks. Here are the three background checks they require:

  • Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance
  • Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check
  • Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)

Morsels of Excellence

This is our first VLOG series and we hope it will be meaningful for you! These Morsels are intended to enhance and inform ministry in your local church. Each month (by the 15th), we will post a short video and discussion questions for your leadership team to engage each month.

We urge you to take the time to view these videos as a group. All are 5 minutes or less and are designed to begin a conversation and a learning journey to enhance your ministry.

After viewing the videos, please spend 5 minutes or so with one or two of the discussion questions that follow. Engage the questions for growth. Each video will include a scripture passage, read it and read it again. Ask questions. Grow spiritually.

Your ministry will be enhanced.

There is a feedback form included with the discussion questions each month and we would love to hear from you! How did these morsels feed your soul and nourish your ministry?

Evaluation for Morsels

November Morsels
Morsels November Discussion

October Morsels: Constitution & Bylaws
Morsels October Discussion

September Morsels: Constitution & Bylaws
Morsels September Discussion

August Morsels: Narrative Budget
Morsels August Discussion

July Morsels: Church Conflict
Discussion Questions

June Morsels: General Synod
General Synod Web Site

May Morsels – Hospitality
May Discussion Questions

April Morsels – Your Church’s Mission and Vision
April Discussion Questions

Rules of the Road

FEBRUARY: Social Media

JANUARY: A Sure Foundation: resources for the relationships between pastors and congregations