Sabbatical & Clergy Care

Sabbatical/Clergy Renewal

Sabbaticals can be such a crucial part of healthy ministry for pastor and people. Intentional planning, knowing what resources are available to support the sabbatical (grants, supply preaching, pastoral care, etc.) and activities for the congregation during sabbatical are just a few things to consider.

Conference staff are available to help pastors and congregations plan sabbatical time.

Contact the Conference Office to schedule an appointment.

Clergy Care

Rev. Dwight Hein, the Clergy/Clergy Family Care Facilitator of Penn Central Conference serves the spiritual, emotional and professional needs of clergy and families, both active and retired, within our Conference. It is designed to offer support, mentoring and hospitality at various stages of a career.

Serving as a resource for Clergy, the program is an extension of the ministry of the Conference and Associations. The program facilitator, and in turn the association chaplains, work cooperatively with Conference Staff and the chairpersons of each Association Committee on Ministry. The facilitator and Association Chaplains work cooperatively with, but are not a part of the placement or oversight functions of Conference and Committees on Ministry.

A primary goal of the program is to establish trusting and confidential relationship and to offer assistance and or referral for more effective coping with challenges to a clergy’s professional and or family well being.