Architects of Excellence

The Architects of Excellence is a team of clergy and lay from across the Penn Central Conference who are passionate about helping local congregations be the healthiest Bodies of Christ possible.

Each architect brings practical experience in healthy church assessment and living out a vision. Collectively, we want to help local churches design appropriate measurement rubrics for their unique mission, vision and setting. Bringing together a number of differently skilled individuals to share what has worked in their settings around a variety of church health issues will allow for specialized resources tailored to individual churches.

We envision a Church where ministry is measured in transformation. Measuring invites conversations about how God is changing lives and communities. By looking at how individuals in a church are connected to God and then how they are connected to one another as a unit of the Body of Christ, a congregation can then move into evaluating how the Body feeds the community and wider church in mission.

We have heard so many stories of how our churches feel right on the edge of something…of revitalization or renewal, merging or yoking, starting a new ministry or leaving a legacy for God to do something not yet thought of. Our team of Architects can help assess the threshold that you are approaching in the life of your church and craft the vision for crossing into the future church God is calling you to be by incorporating:

  • MisisonInsite Interpretation
  • Asset Mapping & Appreciative Inquiry
  • Faithful and Welcoming Support as well as Open and Affirming Exploration
  • National Assessment Resources like the Be The Church Workbook and the Church Legacy Guide
  • Locally developed Guided Conversations

Open the door today by calling Rev. Foust and getting connected to an Architect who can guide your threshold crossing into the Healthy Body of Christ God is calling.